Maggie Fike

Background & Yoga Journey

Maggie, an Atlanta native, found her love for movement early through dance, gymnastics, and competitive cheerleading. Her early twenties brought an exploration of improvisational dance and hula hooping, which naturally led her to the vibrant yoga community.

Maggie was introduced to yoga at consciousness festivals in 2013, prompting her to embrace Hatha yoga and subsequently dive into various other styles. She quickly fell in love with Ashtanga Yoga, attracted by its structured approach and the mental clarity it fostered.

Training & Certification

Maggie’s formal yoga education includes Ashtanga training with John Meredith in 2015 and a 200-hour Hatha Yoga certification from Highland Yoga. She holds certifications in Exhale Barre and HIIT and has pursued continuing education in prenatal yoga, biomechanics, and other specialized areas to deepen her anatomical and teaching expertise.

teaching philosophy

Maggie’s teaching style is both direct and knowledgeable, focusing on anatomical precision and safety. Her goal is to help students deepen their understanding of their own physical and mental states through a thoughtful and accessible approach to yoga.

favorite aspect of ashtanga yoga

Maggie is drawn to the authenticity of Ashtanga Yoga, appreciating how it compels practitioners to face themselves and connect deeply with their inner guidance. This practice has become a pivotal tool for her, fostering self-discovery and empowerment off the mat. Maggie is committed to advancing her practice into the second series of Ashtanga, continually exploring new depths in her personal and professional growth in yoga.

Beyond the mat

An avid cyclist and rock climber, Maggie enjoys the active lifestyle that Midtown Atlanta offers. She is passionate about live music, traveling, and relishes her downtime exploring local farmers’ markets or relaxing with friends. Maggie has traveled the U.S. in her Four-Runner and Casita camper, following bands, selling art, and exploring the country’s vast national as a testament to her love for adventure and cultural immersion.

Lauren Roe

Background & Yoga Journey

Originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, Lauren discovered yoga in 2010, initially drawn to its physical benefits. As her practice deepened, she found that yoga not only sculpted her body but also transformed her mindset and overall well-being. Over the years, her journey has encompassed multiple styles, including Power, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Kundalini Yoga, enriching her life with balance and present-moment awareness.

Lauren’s introduction to Ashtanga Yoga in 2014 marked a significant turning point. She values Ashtanga for its structure, which helps her focus and calm her mind, offering a much-needed pause in her fast-paced life. She has studied under renowned teachers such as Simon Park, Taylor Hunt, Kino MacGregor, and Sharath Jois, with Simon Park being a particularly memorable influence.

Training & Certification

Lauren completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2014 at Yoga Landing in Chattanooga, under the guidance of Jessica Jollie. She is also certified in SUP Yoga Paddle Board and has completed additional HIIT and Barre certifications with Exhale Spa. Lauren is committed to continuing her education in yoga, embodying the eternal student’s spirit and expanding her knowledge and skills.

Favorite Part of ashtanga yoga

Ashtanga Yoga provides Lauren with a structured approach to managing her focus and mindfulness, making it an essential practice for maintaining her mental clarity.

Beyond the mat

Lauren enjoys traveling, gardening, dining out, and spending quality time with her husband, dog, family, and friends. Her love for the outdoors often merges with her passion for yoga, creating a harmonious blend of activity and tranquility in her life. Lauren’s adventurous spirit is showcased in her extensive travel history, exploring cultures, cuisines, and landscapes across over 30 countries.


KPJAYI Authorized Teacher & Studio owner


In 2009, Sava faced severe back pain due to his demanding work in production. This led to a diagnosis of collapsed lumbar vertebrae, bulging discs, and nerve compression, confining him to bed for a year. However, through spinal traction, an inversion table, and discovering yoga, particularly Ashtanga yoga, he began to find relief and regain his health. This journey was not just about physical recovery but also a deep dive into the mental and spiritual benefits of yoga.

Yoga Journey & Studying in India

Sava’s commitment to Ashtanga Yoga took him to Mysore, India, where he immersed himself in the practice under the guidance of Sharath Jois. Beyond physical poses, he delved into philosophy, pranayama, and meditation, enriching his understanding and approach to yoga. In 2017, his dedication was recognized when he received authorization to teach Ashtanga Yoga, making him one of the few in Georgia to hold this honor.

From Gymnastics to Yoga: A Foundation of Discipline

Originating from the Republic of Georgia in East Asia, Sava’s early engagement with competitive gymnastics laid the groundwork for his future in yoga. The discipline, devotion, and persistence learned from grueling training sessions translated seamlessly into his yoga practice, contributing to his success as both a practitioner and a teacher.

Personalized Approach to Yoga Teaching

Sava’s teaching philosophy is characterized by confidence, gentleness, and compassion. Understanding the unique challenges that individuals face, he offers personalized guidance, adapting yoga practices to meet each student’s specific needs. His extensive knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology, and physiology enables him to create a supportive and effective learning environment for all. 


Sharing The Gift of Yoga

“Sharing the ancient wisdom of Ashtanga yoga and empowering individuals to reach their fullest potential is my life’s purpose.”

Sava’s dedication to his students and his passion for Ashtanga yoga shines through in the testimonials of those he has taught. Each student’s journey is a testament to Sava’s sincere desire to improve lives through the practice of yoga. Appreciation for Sava’s dedication and approach is evident in the feedback from his students:

“I appreciate that you aren’t just another yoga teacher showing up to do their ‘job.’ You genuinely want to help people through the Ashtanga practice.” ~ David A.

“No two students are adjusted the same by Sava. He has a sincere desire for his students to improve and have a happier life with a daily yoga practice.” ~ Anna Refai

“Sava sees Ashtanga as a path to an elevated human experience. And he is devoted to sharing that with his students.” ~ Jennifer Kumnick

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