Ashtanga Yoga Course

Welcome to MYA’s Ashtanga Yoga Beginners Course—a complete primer on the Ashtanga Yoga system.  

  • An exclusive opportunity for 15 Students.
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Over the course of four weeks, Sava will guide you through the fundamentals of Ashtanga Yoga. You will learn: 

  • Strong Foundation: Whether you’re a beginner or seeking to deepen your practice, Sava will introduce you to essential poses at your own pace. Strengthen your body, enhance flexibility, and build endurance.
  • Breath and Meditation: Learn how to synchronize breath with movement—a key aspect of Ashtanga. Discover the transformative power of moving meditation. 
  • Primary Series: Dive into the Ashtanga Yoga method and explore the Primary Series. By the end of the course, you’ll be well-versed in half of the primary sequence, correct vinyasa for each posture, and the concept of bandhas.


Course Structure (Weeks):

  1. Understand the essence of Ashtanga Yoga. Learn and practice correct breathing, the vinyasa system, and the five elements of yoga. Engage Tristhana (the three points of attention) and discover the eight limbs of Ashtanga. 
    • During the second hour, you will learn the alignment principles of Sun Salutation A.
    • Adaptations based on your unique needs will be covered during this session. 
  2. Delve into the standing sequence, refining your postures and alignment.
  3. Ground with the seated sequence. Practice Drishti (focused gaze) and correct vinyasa.
  4. Seal with the closing sequence, completing your journey through half of the Ashtanga primary series.

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Week one:

Intro to ashtanga and understanding what yoga is. You will learn how to breathe correctly, understand the vinyasa system and become familiar with the five aspects/elements of yoga, as well as the three points of attention known as tristhana.

You will also be taught the eight limbs and the three stages of progression within the system, which are:

  • physical
  • energetic
  • devotional

During the second hour, you will learn the detailed alignment principles of the sun salutation A and B, their corresponding vinyasa counts and any variations based on your physical needs.


Week two

Breakdown of the standing sequence


Week three: 

Breakdown of seated sequence


Week four

Breakdown of closing sequence


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Cancelation policy: This course can only be cancelled for a full refund 2 weeks prior to start date. In case of emergency course tuition can be applied to a different course at a later date. 

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